More focus on your personality and skills. Less prejudice.

You think you’re worth more than your resume or diplomas? Our customers agree with you. The world is changing and so is recruitment. Goshaba helps candidates and companies to make recruitment simpler, more precise and without prejudice, based first of all on your skills and personality.

They liked it!

I applied in a few clicks and without a CV. I enjoyed the technical tests and logic games. I was given every chance to get an interview.

If I had been told that I could work in the bank industry with my piercings, I wouldn’t necessarily have believed it. 3 steps online, 2 interviews and a nice job. An overall great experience!

I’m self-taught and didn’t think I could get this developer job. Apparently I passed the logic and programming tests very well. Thank you Goshaba 🙂

Finally, nice personality tests to pass and whose conclusions don’t make me cringe! No to 20-page questionnaires! Long live cognitive games!

Apply in a few short steps

Goshaba develops SmartScreening™, the most sophisticated solution to find the best matching between a personality and a job. After a first quick questionnaire, you will go through a few short, fun steps adapted to your smartphone: tests, games or video interviews will allow you to highlight your skills and personality. The key: a real interview and great opportunities.

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An award-winning technology

You’re worth more than your CV and Goshaba is developing cutting-edge technology to showcase your skills and personality. This technology is based on cognitive science, gaming and smart data. Goshaba has won numerous awards including the Global Innovation Challenge, the Digital Innovation Award, the Viva Technology Challenge and the BNP Paribas Award.

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